Do you love to get Happy Mail too? I think most people would be happier if they got more happy mail. Around here it’s soon time to send out our DIY Postcards and let them become Happy Mail. But until then, let’s have a dance party. Since yesterday was my birthday I’m inviting you to join me in this wee dance party before we head out to the post office at the end of this week…

Happy Mail: Postcard Dance Party by iHanna #diypostcardswap #happymail

After I made the Crazy Hat Party video I decided to give stop motion another try. I’m hooked, it is SO fun to see your images move around on the screen. This one turned out a little better in terms of light and movement, although it’s very short and kind of silly. Well, very silly. It’s about getting the right hat, but also about loving yourself and having a dance party on your own if you need it…

Plus, I'm the master of handmade postcards as you already know, just look how it dances on my table…

Postcard Dance Party from iHanna on Vimeo.

Here’s two of my finished postcards:

Happy Mail: DIY Postcards made with LOVE and humor

And this bonus card, already gifted to my cousin who got a little boy recently:
Happy Mail: Welcome to the World Card with a Hello mama! Cut and paste by iHanna
Hello mama!

Here’s the Happy Giraffe Postcard:

The Happy Mail Giraffe, postcard collage by iHanna #diypostcardswap

My favorite in this bunch might be the skunk one, because he is so cute:

Happy Mail: Oh my, you smell lovely, postcard collage by iHanna #diypostcardswap

I hope you had a lovely Easter. We had snow, so I mostly stayed inside, but that’s good too.

I host a swap of handmade postcards on my blog. You make 10 postcards and get 10 back, so get creative and then get happy mail! Join in at