DIY | Tiny Neon Pink Planter

Time for a little DIY, don’t you think?

Painted Neon Pink Hanging Planter

I love neon pink! Oh how I love that color! But I haven’t really indulged enough in it yet, probably because it is a little overwhelming (to say the least) and a lot of people have an aversion for it. But not me. I thought neon pink as a tiny detail would be fun to try, do DIY:ed it into my window.

I decided to take my miniature porcelain planter and paint the rim neon pink. I used a small brush and regular acrylic paint. I had to paint the porcelain a couple of times, and the first layer was a bit resistant to grab on. But once the first layer was dry it was much easier to continue. While I was at it (my tiny planter drying at home on my desk), I found a second similar planter at the thrift store. So I grabbed it and enhanced that one too!

Acrylics on porcelain
It now hangs in the door frame with yes, a tiny plant inside…

Another Pink Planter
Hanging plant in the door frame
Tiny planter DIY Project

It was cute before, but I like it better now. What do you think?

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  1. I love it! Never would have thought of painting a plain white planter, so thank you for showing these off. And of course, the pink looks great against the green of your plants.

    • Thanks Aimee, pink + green is just the best color combination ever, isn’t it? I guess that is why I love pink flowers so much too, and this summer they’re everywhere. Yay! :-)

  2. Love it, Hanna … I so can see me doing the same thing because I am known for painting things to get them the way that “I” like them. : )

    • I hope you do paint some of your flower pots Debi, it’s fun.

      I find white flower pots at the second hand store for almost no money, so it’s fun to alter even if you don’t know if you’ll like the results! Try it out!

  3. I LOVE this Hanna. And I love neon pink! I am just about needing to get my 3rd Neon Pink prismacolor colored pencil I use it so often. Gives a great punch of color to just about everything so I use it a LOT. The flower pot was darling “as is” but now…. It’s spectacular. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Luv your DIY planters! That touch of neon is not overwhelming, but enhancing! I’ve never seen cute little porcelain hanging planters such as these…too adorable. Will you send me one so I can enhance it for my window!?? ;)

    • I know – these hangers are adorable, right? But if you don’t have tiny hangers you know you can use any container (a bowl, cup, glass) and make a net to put it in and make it a hanger – I’ve seen several tutoraials on how to do that on pinterest… :-)

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