As a creative person my obsessions are many and varied. Because of the internet I often fall down the rabbit hole of “research” when ever I fall into a new-ish obsession, like being interested in keeping greenery, houseplants and flower pots at home…

Obsession: Greenery & Houseplant Jungles on YouTube and Pinterest

I put the word research in quotation marks because looking at pictures on Pinterest (like a crazy person), and collecting the ones that interest me into neat rows, isn’t really teaching me anything other than how to waste time (in a somewhat joyful way, I’ll give you that Pinterest).

What I have learned from doing this activity though is that I love hanging plants, fun flower pots and rooms that are overflowing with big, varied green plants, and I guess that is something, right? I am ever evolving and learning new things about myself and the world, and I love that fact too. Then again, moving on to YouTube videos of other plant lovers sharing their favorite plants and their homes – is a whole other thing. Getting to see how they take this passion to whole new levels of obsession is interesting, educational and so cool to me.

In general, I love people who are taking their hobbies and interests serious – often with some degree of obsession. I find people who live their dreams so very inspiring. I mean sure, you can go “too far” so it is important to find a balance, but OMG, how cool it would be to go all in like that. For example, plant expert Summer Rayne Oakes, who has made her home into an absolute jungle! Her plant wall is next level for sure.

Greenery & Plants Pinterest board by iHanna

From iHanna’s a Greenery and Plants Pinterest board – follow to see more.

I started this list of videos about two years ago when my interest peaked, but never got around to write about the obsession and share it, so I’m doing that today. Here are some of my favorite videos on Plant love:

Millennials Love Their Houseplant Jungles

Summer Rayne Oakes cares for a vast collection of indoor foliage, more than a thousand plants, from pothos to succulents. She has her own YouTube channel, but here in this video The New Yorker visited her, and she explains why so many millennials have developed houseplant fever:

Why Millennials Love Their Houseplant Jungles | Annals Of Obsession

Another one about Summer’s indoor jungle, or what she calls “indoor garden”:

Homestead Brooklyn: model creates urban forest in her NYC flat by Kirstin Dirksen who creates videos about living differently/small. I’ve been a subscriber to Kirstin’s videos for years, so when looking at plant videos this one came up as a recommendation. :-)

Summer Rayne Oakes (best plant-lady name ever) of course works and breaths plants, and her home is dedicated to them which is not too strange when you know that. Check out her YouTube to see more of her.

Planterina is Amanda Switzer, another plant person on YouTube, but I think it’s a plant store in Florida (and online) as well. In any case, I like her chatty videos and I have been a subscriber to her channel for years.

Daily Houseplant Care from Planterina

Daily Houseplant Care | Save Your Houseplants by Repotting Them!

Another cool idea is an indoor greenhouse (I told you people get a bit crazy with this, right?), like this one in a remade IKEA cabinet. I think this is such a cool idea, but maybe not for me. It sounds expensive and time consuming… But if you’re into it, I bet it’s super rewarding to grow plants like this!

IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Tour! (Milsbo Edition)

The Houseplant Tour

And then, there are a whole thing on YouTube called “Houseplant tours”, mostly by Plant accounts of course, but I guess you could make one what ever your regular video topic is. This is when you walk through all your rooms and show ALL your plants and talk a bit about them… Here’s two examples:


I’d love to make a Plant Tour video myself some day, but I think that means I would need to clean my house first… and the windows!

In some of these videos I think you can absolutely tell that this hobby go overboard at times (like with everything, maybe especially when you’re an actual youtuber?). It can be too much about having enough money to spend on big plants, something to show off, to decorate your house with rather than to love and get to know. Some videos starts of by the person saying that they’ve been “collecting plants for about 1,5 years” and then they show over 100 different pots in different sizes with plants it has taken years to grow. That’s not what I am most interested in. That is “buying new, big & often very expensive plants” that you can replace with new ones 6 months later when they die instead of actually growing, loving and propagating the plants you own… But I try not to judge, and instead learn what I myself am into, what I need and what makes my heart tick faster…

Like I mentioned in the beginning there must be a balance to your obsessions. My “plant obsession” is so small it wouldn’t even be noticed in the world of plant obsession that you got a glimpse of in these videos…

I think everything in life needs to be done with moderation and care, even plant collecting!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I created a link love post, right? Let’s end it with this Forest Birdsong – Relaxing Nature Sounds – Birds Chirping – a two hour long video where you can listen to birds chirping non-stop, just because… Spring is here!

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