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It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

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It has been such lovely weather this entire week, my birthday week. And now Easter is here, with family time and bird chirping in the trees outside my window. I am wishing you a very Happy Easter with this very yellow and springish video:

Let me know what you think of this in the comment section below!

I have started a new embroidery, painted a yellow daffodil inside my art journal, blown soap bubbles, decorated eggs, opened presents, eaten favorite food and yummy candy… And today I made my first time capsule video! Capturing a few moments of my everyday life, that I felt like sharing online. April sunshine in Sweden, etcetera. I am of the opinion that “right now” is a great moment to remember and document in all kinds of ways. To document the things that make my happy through video also makes me happy. Happier than if not. It’s something I used to do a lot many years ago, but then forgot about when video cameras and VHS tapes went out of fashion… Now when both my cameras and my iPhone can capture moving pictures digitally I think I need to start using what’s available more! It really is easier than ever to capture video these days, so why don’t we do that more often? It is like creating magic. It makes you the director of your own life.

I don’t want to make feature length movies, just a little of this and that. Things that make me happy, showing creative play and good times. Last Friday I posted a video tutorial on ring binders, and today’s video I’m calling Living a Creative Life… So fun to make.

I actually have several snippets of video on my computer, mostly shoot from the phone’s camera. Snippets of life that I never even watched. But when I find them and take a look, they make me happy I shoot them. I’m going to render them into something, save the files in a folder where I can watch them and share them with my family. And maybe more video with you guys, if you find it inspiring…

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  1. I really enjoyed your video. Love the music and really was so springy. I’m so glad it’s finally here and what a way to celebrate than to make a video. Thanks.

  2. Loved your video! Daffodils are always so nice to see, whether they be painted or the real thing. Great card you made too – thanks for showing it off.

  3. Fun little snippets into your day… I LOVE it!!! I liked the last video too… I even have some binders waiting to be use…. I’ve had them a bit but I never knew how to attach them… now I do!!! I just need to find out where to get that rivet tool.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Vilken härlig kreativ film. Så fint med allt gult, gult kanske inte är så fult iallafall, haha. Jag blev glad av filmen, gör mer sånt Hanna!

  5. I love daffodils too. This encourages me to try more videos. So far, our 2 new mini schnauzers at the dog park. It’s amazing what technology lets all of us do now. And no gatekeepers, just post it.

  6. Lovely & Cheerful! I liked seeing your daffodil come to life. Hope you make more movies. Happy Easter to you, Hanna!

  7. Happy, Happy!
    I think the video came out fabulous. I like the movement between flowers and artwork! You make it sound so easy, using a phone camera. I’ll just have to try it, one of these days! {:-D

  8. You’ve made such a enjoyable video. I like the music to. It reminded me of just kinda tumblin’ along an old road on a sunny day. I love watching other people paint and make art almost as much as I love painting…well, maybe not THAT much. But I do enjoy it an awful lot. :)

  9. 1st…. hApPy BiRtHdAy H@NN@!!!! sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. i enjoyed the video SO much. daffodils are one of my fav flowers and you did them proud with the painting and filming. i liked the dryer going at the start ;) the music was lovely. please do MORE! you have the Iphone 5c? i am thinking of getting that one myself but canNOT decide on the color for the phone or case. they are so yummy, and so many color combinations can be made. which color did you go with might i ask? i love the quote about pursuing dreams/growing old as well-it’s very true i think. thanks for sharing-very inspiring =)

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