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The Dangers of visiting a Quilt Shop
Some new fabrics in my stash… The Dangers of visiting a Quilt Shop.

I think summer is perfect for sewing projects. Don’t you agree? I want to sew skirts, quilts, softies and tiny broaches that looks like flowers. I want to cut into all that pretty (newly bought and in the stash vintage) fabric and sew sew sew. You?

Let’s sew some shall we?

  1. Inspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at Tutorial for a Perfect Summer Skirt
    I agree with Haley Pierson-Cox’s three requirements for a perfect summer skirt: it must be comfortable, it must be flattering, and it absolutely must have pockets. This tutorial will show you how draft a simple elastic-waist skirt pattern that’s custom-made to fit your body – and then how to make a cute, stylish skirt that sews together in a couple of hours or less… Yes please, right?
  2. A sort of Quilt-As-You-Go Process tutorial
    Quilting process pictures always inspire me and makes me want to bust out the sewing machine, and I always re-fall in love with log cabin making when I see it. I like Kat’s idea on how to quilt the individual squares before sewing them together. I would like to try it out for myself one day.
  3. Soft Rattle Balls to Sew
    Free tutorial by softie designer Abby Glassenberg. She suggest you sew a basket full of soft rattle balls in a rainbow of colors (or do all black and white!). These are a great toddler toy, and they’re also fun juggling balls, she says. I was thinking about my juggling brother when I saw this tutorial.
  4. Thread & fabric Postcard Tutorial
    How to make a textile card, by Maryline, a Swiss quilter.
  5. I’d like to return to some of my own previous craft projects as well, stuff that I really enjoyed making and looking at… The first one is the Round Skirt – I still love the fabric and the model. I also really like tiny Flower pins – I want to make more of these some day…

Strawberry hunt

BONUS 1: If you too are fascinated by patterns then check out these three Pinterest boards and be amazed at the variety of repeating pattern that exists in the world: Patterns, and Patterns and textures and also this board of Pattern.

BONUS 2: Strawberry-Layered Chocolate Cookies
Yes, a link to a recipe, I know, how strange of me. But check it out. Beautiful (mouthwatering) images and a video that just makes my heart flutter – all about the making of cookies. Yum!

What’s on your want-to-sew-list right now?

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  1. Jag vill sy allt efter att ha sett både lapptäcken och kjolinspiration. Just nu har jag en hög klippta lappar som bara väntar på att bli ihopsydda, och en kjol har jag tänkt göra i evigheter. Tack för bra tips på både syprojekt och nya (för mig) bloggar!

  2. I am in a bag making rut right now!! So much beautiful fabric and so little money and time!!! I love the colors and combinations!!!

  3. Ah, Hanna, you may have just handed me my first quilting project! I love the little fabric postcards on the Mary & Patch site, and it definitely looks like something I could handle! Thanks for the link.

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