Fabulous Fabric Scraps -Sewing thread in a box - just grab one, photo by iHanna

I’ve been sewing this week, and intend to do a bit more before July ends. Inspired by my own fabric stash, tutorials and inspiration online, the book Quilt Improv and the fabric swap I’m in of course.

I opened my plastic boxes of tiny fabric scraps and threads, and started to piece things together randomly – no plan. Just using my ground sense of colors and what goes together well. I just love colorful scraps, collected mostly from my mom or from thrifted finds over the years.

Earlier this summer I joined Sharon’s Fabulous Scrap Fabric Swap. You were to include at least three scraps of fabric, and make it be around 4-5 ounces of material (45 x 91 cm or 113 to 141 grams). I used my digital letter scale, and picked out fabrics and ribbons I thought Sharon would like (I swapped fabric with Sharon herself). Then I sent it of.

At first I couldn’t imagine what I’d make out of them, but then I decided on a bag.

Fab Fabrics

Fab fabrics, am I right? I got a few thinner gingham fabrics and some lovely floral cotton that I adore. Plus a tiny stamp set and orange and pink polka dot ribbon!

I sent lots of pink fabrics (and extras as in papers for her journal and some thrifted bobble trim that I like) to Sharon:

Sent in the Fabulous Scrap Fabric, sent by iHanna
Fabulous Scrap Fabric Extras, sent by iHanna

I finished my “project” just on time – but will reveal what I made tomorrow, as Sharon will post all participants finished sewing projects on her blog the teacup incident then too. But here is a sneak peak of it:

Sewing with fab fabrics

I found a few of selveedges saved for “some day” in one of my boxes, and decided this was the time to finally use them. I love those rows of numbers the best, it gives the project a modern fun look. I’ve also been sewing some no-plan-quilt-blocks, from un-even fabric scraps in my stash as well as bits from the swap. Here is one quilt block in progress:

Quilting blocks at random