I’ve made a Pointy Kitty using a free pattern I found online. It’s SO cute, don’t you agree?

Pointy Kitty Sunshine sewn by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson #softies

My Pointy Kitty is called Sunshine. I love her.

And as I suspected as soon as I saw this pattern, lots and lots of more cats are being created right now! I can’t wait for Hillary’s softie toy pattern book that will have a few more patterns of softies.

I call my cat Sunshine, since I’ve been having enormous cravings for real, cuddly cats this week, like Sol the kitten (sol is Swedish for sun), a real live cat baby – who is for sale right now for only 4500 SEK… Wish I had the time and the money, and was sure she would be happy as an indoor cat here.

Super cute and yellow Pointy Kitty Sunshine sewn by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson #softies

But I love my new friend the pointy kitty, because even if she is not a real cat but a softie, she is way cute and cuddly too. Plus free pattern – love that too.

Free pattern and free podcast

I’ve been listing to CraftSanity Podcast today, it’s an interview with my idol Violette (and a great tune called The boob fairy by Deidre Flint that I most definitely will download to my ipod) while finishing my pointy nosed cat, with a great free pattern from Hillary of Wee Wonderfulls.

Hillary does the most beautiful softies, but with her pattern even I could make one that is SO cute. It feels rather amazing.

BTW, I’m not the only one who has been making this pointy kitty either, the internet has exploded with Point Kitty softies… I’ve already spotted Tami’s pointy kitty, Criss polka dot one (who made me long for pink fabric with dots on) and La Fe Coriandre’s pink and black kitty on Flickr!

And then this, haha.