I’ve been spending a lot of time at flickr this weekend, sorting my photos in folders, looking at photos in different photo pools and trying to find all the home made stuff that I haven’t blogged about yet!

When I’ve finished something creative I try to take good pictures of it, in good light, and then upload and write about the items I’ve created! But the time, oh the time! Where does it go? Sometimes new projects come in the way, and I forget (or push aside) things that I want to blog about. How do you prioritise your blogging time? Do you feel that it sometimes comes in the way of your creativity? I do, sometimes.

Anywas, here are two pink amigurumi softies that I crocheted this summer. They are among the cutest things I’ve made I think, and I really like the photos too. The photosetting was so fun!

This is the pink dog called Pinkerton.

And a pink teddy bear, friend of Pinkerton of course. I don’t know if he has a name yet though.

And the two of them together, pink as can be.

Today it has not been raining all day, peppar peppar ta i tr?, even though it was raining this morning. Smilla, me and Maria went out for a lovely walk, took photos of the autumn colours, wet leafs (wich reminds me that I need to put the leafs I picked in a book to press them), some peeks of the sun and a dirty stream. But now I need to close the balcony door, it’s getting chilly at night and my feets are cold.