Baby whales, baby fishes

Splish splash whale

Do you remember the little something in a pile made from marbled blue yarn that I posted the last day of 2005? Did you wonder what it would become when it grew up?

It became two whales after that picture was taken! One made by my mother, sewn with pink thread on the “chest” and with a big splish splash of white yarn on top, as the pattern described.

I made my own, but mine is without pink (!) and without the splish splash water fountain. It’s a sleeping baby whale:

Splish splash whale

It was a fast and fun crochet project, even though both mom and I had to work our brains to see how the tail was meant to be attached. Dunno still if we did it the right way – but I think both turned out looking way cute! I also made a ribbon for hanging my baby up, maybe in the bathroom or in my craft corner…

  • Inspiration came from this whale crocheted by Sharleen
  • The amigurumi pattern was free at keymistress when I made it, but is now for sale at etsy
  • Yarn I used: some cheap acrylic stuff from Coop!

And here is a picture of this summer’s goldfish litter:

Goldfish babies

Aren’t they cute animals, almost transparent.

Now I’m off readin’ spring issue of Clothes paper scissors – hurray!

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  1. Aww, cute whale! I am just learning to crochet – woo boy, it’s a little more tricky than I thought! So I have the utmost respect for your skills.

  2. Your whales are so cute! They would look great in a bathroom. Saw your Dad’s train village, also – pretty amazing; that must have taken a lot of time & care! Have a good new year!

  3. s?ta valar! jag var seg och hann inte ladda ner beskrivningarna medan de var gratis. du har inte lust att dela med dig av dem, ifall du har dem kvar?
    isabelle + @ +

  4. Gold Fish Babies!! How exciting!
    I have a small bog garden and the plants that I bought to put in there came with eggs! Now I have baby gold fish too!

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