Crocheted curly swirly scarf

…made by me.
Pink Crocheted Scarf made by yours truly iHanna A super fun crochet, and I love the result.

Yarn: 2,5 skein from mom’s stash. Pink (dubble yarn) and the crocheted edge is green with gold thread (same yarn as my shawl and the edge of my wrist warmers!).
Pattern: Eva Wincent (pattern from Swedish magazine Ica Kuriren
Time: Two movies!

The Story behind the project: Mom had crocheted me a shawl (see yesterday’s post) but also a blue swirly scarf for my lovely cousin Lotta. She loved it, but so did I… I was jealous. But mom and I made a pact and decided to make new scrafs, one each after Christmas eve. So the pattern was used twice again.

And I love using it.

iHanna in her crocheted swirly scraf - more at
Lots of snow, and me.

PS: Don’t miss the Mini world of Dad’s train station! I promised earlier to show it to you, and it’s worth looking at. It’s so damn tiny and well made. I could stay there a whole day… Take a hike up those snowy mountains and then walk down to the valley where spring has arrived… Some of the photos turned out really great.