Project frenzy

It’s project frenzy over here, as usual.

Green shawl

I got a green shawl in wool knitted by my smart mother for Christmas. One of the best gifts of course! Green is my second favorite colour – after pink. After Christmas when we went shopping I got some pink wool yarn, and knitted a pair of wrist warmers in this pale shade:

Knitted wrist warmers
The are great to wear, maybe not in the snow, but by the computer. I added a crocheted edge in the same green yarn as the shawl is made from. Fast and fun project!

Snow world
A winter picture in b/w.

Yesterday was a good day, spent with two of my best friends. I ate at one of my favorite restaurants (Hot wook cafe) and went to two of my favorite stores (PocketShop and Panduro). To Panduro (big craft store) I went with a list written from their catalog, and that was a great way to find exactly what I wanted and nothing else (oh, maybe something else)… I also went to Kreatima, where I actually found ordinary vellum, but haven’t tried it in the printer yet… Here is a picture of what I bought:

From Panduro
Crafty goodies! The stack of Retro papers is awesome, and I can’t wait to start using the doll clay… I also bought some special plastic fabric/paper that you use to fasten threads, yarn and other loose ends to a surface – and then it washes away from your project when you put it in water. Strange stuff, will be fun to see how she uses it.

Today I bought yarn, and also finished another project! I’m in a project frenzy right now, starting different stuff all around my parents house. Sewing, scanning, knitting, crocheting, collaging… Amazing how much energy I’ve got this holiday, and so nice. Will try to take more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Those wrist warmers are awesome. I am on a project frenzy right now as well. Sooo many things I want to create, I’m going need more than 24 hours in each day! Happy New Year!

  2. The shawl is lovely, I’m beginning to see the beauty of garter stitch shawls. The fact that your mum made it makes it extra special :) The green crochet edging gives your wrist warmers just the right feminine touch. What better way to start the year than with a frenzy of projects!

  3. hey there … i love those wrist warmers. can you shoot me out the guage on those? or the size of the needles you used? i entered my e-mail, so hopefully you’ll get it.

  4. I’m curious about the yarn you used for the wrist warmers. They look so neat, and the crochet trim is the best!

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