I feel a wee bit sorry for my self today. I have back pains and have been eating strong medicine to ease of the pain. The house is a mess and all I want to do is continue to crochet on my rag carpet! Add more layers of fabric yarn to the project.

Rag carpet in the making

I got these balls of striped fabric Wednesday when Maria and I went thrifting. I have been wanting to weave for about two years, but never found the right place and time. It will come someday I’m sure. But since Li inspired me to crochet with fabric, I wanted to give it a try when I found these balls of fabric.

The wonderfull colours just makes me smile. They are so me.

Fabric yarn

Sunshine and summer colours: pink, orange, green, yellow!

Start of the rag carpet

More people that is adding layers at Studio Friday today, but please add your comment first. I’d love to hear from you.