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Blank hard bound journals

People who keep journals have life twice.Jessamyn West Two hand bound books that I’ve made. A gray one with linen fabric as cover, and a black book covered with patterned plastic fabric. Both contains white blank drawing papers, great for sketching, water colours or gluing things in. I’m always looking for blank books like these […]

Homemade Soup

Homemade vegetable soup, how about that? This is a picture for Bokkanalen’s reviewer Jenny who e-mailed to tell me that her favorite thing about my blog is the category that is about food. Food Mood indeed. How strange I thought, do I have such a category? But well, I do. Food is part of my […]

Concrete Bird Bath from a Rhubarb mold

Today let’s make it tutorial time. I took a series of photos to show you how to make your own bird bath with concrete using a big rhubarb leaf (this is rabarber, in English rhubarb) as the mold for casting the concrete. A Rhubarb Leaf Bird Bath, no less. Related PostsThe ridiculous Magnolia Tree is […]

Tree Climber Girl

I know, you’ve seen her before. But at Studio Friday today it’s Art Studio Sidekicks, or four legged friends. And this is my sidekick, I guess (haven’t heard the word before): Isn’t she magnificent? Related PostsCold coffee Spotted Photo Theme: Smilla the Cat Comfy socks made with left over yarn

How time flyes and kids grow up

Contrasts – they show up with time to me. It was a thought I already had on my mind… This photo still makes me laugh: It’s me and my brother. Can you believe it? I used to change diapers on him, now in a week he will turn 14 and he has grown a head […]

A Cat Moved In

Suddenly I’m out of words. Maybe this picture will reveal some of my feelings of happiness, serenity and peace… A cat has moved in! I’ve never had a cat before. And now she lives here, with us. She jumped into my lap (once) and she comes when I call her. It’s such an amazing feeling […]

I want a kitty of my own

Studio Friday theme is eyes this Friday. What you are “all eyes on” right now? I’m seeing, reading, thinking, surfing, reading, searching – for my cat. Where is he? I haven’t found him yet. I haven’t meet him yet. So I’m still all eyes. All I crave right now seems to be a kitten to […]

Music, fabric and poetry

Do you need a blog subject or theme today, or a new friends? Why not surf over to Tine’s Studio Friday project and check out the new topic of the week and participate along with me and many other bloggers? This Friday the topic makes me think about weddings, because we are asked to post […]