Soft Mohair Scarves with Swirls

Swirly scarf IV Swirly scarf III I like crocheting because it is such a easy and small project to bring when you are crafting away from home. And since I make these swirly scarfs from a pattern I now store in my head, I don’t need to read any directions. I just bring a ball of yarn and a hook and keep going til the mohair is finished!

I really liked the look of the pink swirly scarf I did last winter, but the yarn became to stiff when crocheted and it is not as comfortable and soft as these three new ones from this year, that are made from mohair yarns. Mmmm…

The snow is all gone, so Christmas feels far away… but I’ve put up my stars garland in the living room tonight. So beautiful and cozy – I’ll try to take a photo and post later. I’m also looking at this video over and over again. I think I might try to make a kanzashi flower!

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  1. Hei Hanna
    Can you do a tutorial on this crochet scarf, or direct me to the pattern? It looks super in the mohair! Thanks, Gill (in Norway).

  2. Vilka snygga sjalar. ?r den bl?a ocks? en sjal? H?ller med om att stickning ?r perfekt att ta med n?r man ska pyssla utanf?r hemmet. Jag brukar ta med n?r jag ?ker t?g eller buss, men oftast s? blir det inget f?rdigt av det. hihi

  3. Crochet is great because it is so portable – and no worries about losing stitches either.
    I love kanzashi flowers, but I am not brave enough to try one yet!

  4. Great scarf! I just started knitting, I guess I will try crochet soon too :)
    Thanks or the link to that video. I am at work and I had a paper napkin right beside me. I tried folding it – it#s really easy and looks good!

  5. how funny…earlier today i was thinking of ribbon candy that we always used to have at Christmas when i was a little girl…these scarves look just like ribbon candy to me! :) Absolutely beautiful!

  6. ?, vilka fina sjalar! Jag ?nskar jag kunda ha mohair och ylle, f?r det ?r s? vackert. Men p? mig kliar det som fanken :(
    S?ljer du dem i shoppen? M?ste kolla!
    Trevlig helg!

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