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Crocheting with Tricot

I have t-shirt yarn. Balls of cut and rolled fabric. But the thing I enjoy most is crocheting with it, not cutting it up and making it. So when I found these huge spools of already made tricot “yarn” I bought three and started crocheting in the round. Related PostsCotton time when joining the ripple […]

Blue is my mom’s colour

I made a card for mom before the summer started, to get her some “blue patterns” that I know she loves. She has actually bought some porcelain with these patterns. I really love them too, but they are not for me. A card for mom. Blue of course, because that’s her colour. Related PostsThe Pink […]

My Crochted Rug is Finished

Crocheting a rug with torn fabric stripes is the perfect summer project. A bit dusty, somewhat big but a great leisure pursuit on the balcony when the sun is out. I started this project in in place on the backside. I crocheted this with a big sized hook and lots of great colours. Related PostsRainbow […]