Balcony joy and fairys

I just had to post another pictures of these pink cause of rejoicing.
Aren’t my geraniums beautiful? Hot sunshine and no rain + I forgot to give them water – and still they revared me as I was a flower queen of fairys…

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my rug and back post yesterday. The rug is growing slowly and the back is feeling better, the muscules are not cramped as a mussel and I’ve stoped eating pain killers. Hurray! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be fit for some yoga.

I participated in Amy’s Fairy ATC swap and this week I got a cool arty envelope with three ATC’s inside:

So fun (specially love the paper bag ATC container) – thank you girls!

I also made three ATC’s with fairys that I found in my stash of paper and ephemera. All of them have the same text but different scrapbook paper background.

I’m trying to dig into my scrapbook papers and show my fear of distroying them to the door. I bought them to use them, right?

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  1. We say in the states that people who grow beautiful plants have a “green thumb” Have you ever heard of that?

    Beautiful plants and fairies.

  2. Hi Hanna – I still check your blog regularly, and have linked it to my own. I just LOVE your colourful photographs. You rag rug is spectacular and I agree that you geraniums are looking pretty too!

    I make ATC’s myself, and also have a fear of cutting into precious scrapbook paper too! One which I overcame in my last batch of ATC’s ! If you would ever like to swap with me let me know! Here’s a link to my blog, which I know that you have visited once before:

    I’m interested to understand where you picked up the phrase ‘a wee surprise’ etc… Have you ever been in Scotland?

  3. Oooh, pink – so pretty! I love geraniums (or pelergoniums depending on what you call them there!) – they are so hardy and the flowers so old fashioned and sweet. Your atc’s are great – who doesn’t love faeries? Looks like you had a good trade too! If you are ever up for an atc trade let me know as I used to make them and have been fiddling around with small scale work lately. Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Hanna
    I love your fairy cards. Really pretty!! And thanks for your comment on my blog =) Greetings from Alaska! Astrid

  5. so funny to hear about everyone talking about cutting into their favorite things–paper, fabric, coats….
    Life is too short–enjoy!
    Too many people die with their music still in them—somebody famous said that once.
    Glad you kicked that fear to the door as you say.

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