I wanted to give our friend Johan and Maria something special as a wedding present. A small tree to plant in their new garden was my idea.

The tree would remind them of the year they got married. I thought it would be a great growing memories, and a great thing since both love nature; trees, the forest, mountains, hunting, fishing and looking at flowers and birds. But the wedding was in Finland so I couldn’t bring a real tree, instead I build one in papier marche:

I had so much fun making this little sculpture, and it was hard to part with the tree, since I think it was so cute and it is my first papier marche sculpture.

The plastic couple was a gift from a blogging friend, and when I got them I had no idea what to use them for. They’ve been standing above the stove for a while, but now I took them down. I changed the colour of the hair and the length of the girl as she was as tall as the guy. I heated her skirt a couple of times and carved of the hot plastic with my not-yet-used knife (I think the giver of the knife would take it back if he knew about this). I also made a little lace scarf for the woman.

The fondation of the sculpture is a little paper box that I painted with gold acrylic colour and covered with a fuzzy green fabric that I bought a couple of weeks ago for a shrine I’m working on (a rose garden!). It is perfect as grass, if you have your inner child looking at it. I also added red dymo text, but covered the names and date with gold colour to not make it stick out to much.

The card I made was a very small one with a rhyming poem about growing roots and love, with an watercolour painting and a heart to go with the tree. Inside is the money for the tree they will have to buy by them selfs.

This was all done in a couple of hours. It was then packed up in a plastic bucket that I covered with wrapping paper, a fun wrapping paper that really went well with my doted dress in pink. You’ll see that in my next post.