Plant a tree of love

I wanted to give our friend Johan and Maria something special as a wedding present. A small tree to plant in their new garden was my idea.

The tree would remind them of the year they got married. I thought it would be a great growing memories, and a great thing since both love nature; trees, the forest, mountains, hunting, fishing and looking at flowers and birds. But the wedding was in Finland so I couldn’t bring a real tree, instead I build one in papier marche:

I had so much fun making this little sculpture, and it was hard to part with the tree, since I think it was so cute and it is my first papier marche sculpture.

The plastic couple was a gift from a blogging friend, and when I got them I had no idea what to use them for. They’ve been standing above the stove for a while, but now I took them down. I changed the colour of the hair and the length of the girl as she was as tall as the guy. I heated her skirt a couple of times and carved of the hot plastic with my not-yet-used knife (I think the giver of the knife would take it back if he knew about this). I also made a little lace scarf for the woman.

The fondation of the sculpture is a little paper box that I painted with gold acrylic colour and covered with a fuzzy green fabric that I bought a couple of weeks ago for a shrine I’m working on (a rose garden!). It is perfect as grass, if you have your inner child looking at it. I also added red dymo text, but covered the names and date with gold colour to not make it stick out to much.

The card I made was a very small one with a rhyming poem about growing roots and love, with an watercolour painting and a heart to go with the tree. Inside is the money for the tree they will have to buy by them selfs.

This was all done in a couple of hours. It was then packed up in a plastic bucket that I covered with wrapping paper, a fun wrapping paper that really went well with my doted dress in pink. You’ll see that in my next post.

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  1. Presangen fra deg til brudeparet var veldig original og flott! Den ble de nok glade for ? f?. Det var fin symbolikk i den. :)

  2. I like this present very much .
    Ilook every day on your site it is very inspiring site!!
    Big complements!!!
    Miek Vugts

  3. hi hanna, your handmade crafts are so beautiful! i bet that your friends loved the gift!!
    thks for stopping by my old blog, jubilee’s artbox, a while back to look at my handmade paper books.

    i wanted to let you know about my new blog that is all about independent stationery design. tutorials, tidbits, features of current stationery designers — it’s just starting up, but we’re adding new content daily, and also hoping that crafty types like you will stop by with comments and suggestions. over time, we hope that it will be a community for stationery and paper craft designers.
    please do stop by and say hello when you have a chance! ;)

  4. great present! Planting a tree is what we did for my son at his first birthday party–it is his very own tree to have in the garden!

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