365 Collages | Week 6 | Animal Friends

Still working to catch up to making 365 collages this year, still behind but that’s okay. I feel better now that I see some small progress, and no longer are at a stand-still. I rather move slowly than not at all, you know…

Coffee & Art by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage

My goal is to make seven finished square collages each week. So I’ll keep posting collages in groups of seven, just so I know where in the process weekly-wise I am. So week 6 collages posted in week 12 of 2018. Yeah baby. Slow but progress.

Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s take a look, I know you’re curious…

Collages feat. Animal Friends and Feelings

Here’s another batch of squares, collage number 36 to 42.

I don't understand you - Collage nr 36 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
I don’t understand you, a collage by iHanna.

The theme is animal friends, but also communication. I used a lot of foreign (to me) text overlapping each-other in these collages. And communicating, while so important, is hard sometimes. And yet it’s all we ever want: to be understood, and accepted. I think it’s the same with many of our animals, although they’re very misunderstood.

Stringing him along - Collage nr 37 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
Stringing him along, a collage by iHanna.

Sour but not bitter - Collage nr 38 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
Sour but not bitter, a collage by iHanna.

Be yourself baby - Collage nr 39 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
Be yourself baby, a collage by iHanna.

I did not plan any particular theme for these, but the animal theme crystallized after 3 or 4 collages were done and I continued with that. So they are some of my Animal Friends, I guess…

Criss-crossing - Collage nr 40 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
Criss-crossing, a collage by iHanna.

Cling to Happiness - Collage nr 41 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
Cling to Happiness, a collage by iHanna.

You Blow My Mind - Collage nr 42 by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage
You Blow My Mind, a collage by iHanna.

Thanks for being here, reading this and letting me share my artistic journey with you. Please tell me below in the comment section which of my collages you like best – and why. I’d love to know what you like, or dislike, about these.

My favorite this time is Sour but not bitter. I love these vintage blue colors, and the fish image from an old book I altered once. Yum. My least favorite collage is the one with the white puppy, Criss-crossing. That image looks like one in a calendar I had on the wall as a teenager, and I wanted to use it, but not sure it was a good fit for that collage, although it makes me laugh when I think of where the eye of the target is…

Today is day 78 of week 12. I’ll keep working on catching up! How is your art going?

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iHanna's 365 Collages in 2018, week 6 themed  Animal Friends - by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage

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Thanks for joining me and my fellow creators on this year’s big creative journey! Feel free to also check out week 6 (Valentine Edition) in 2013 from back when I did a similar project in 2013.

7 Responses

  1. These are just beautiful. I really like “Stringing him along”…those dogs are just adorable. Thanks for a great blog. take care ~~rita

  2. I so love your style of collage cards! and you always find an appropriate title often humourous or witty too!

  3. Hi Hanna,
    i’m still going strong, to my own surprise.
    last week’s icads suddenly had a birdstheme with me, funny how things go.
    keep up, you’ll get there.
    Greetings from Belgium, vicky

    • Thanks for the visit Vicky! So happy you’re going strong along with me and so many more.

      I see posts daily on FB, Instagram and Pinterest with people that has joined the #365somethings2018 with me and Tammy. It’s so awesome. It makes me happy.

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