Green wrist warmers knitted

I’ve made two more wrist warmers (handledsvrmare, or pulsvrmare) combining crocheting and knitting for a warm hand by the computer (my preference) or anywhere else where you don’t want to wear mittens but still want to keep warm and need to use your hands. Drawing outside, writing in your journal when the wind is chilly, knitting by the television, thinking outside the box…

Handledsvrmare med virkad kant

In the shop you can find these Long green wrist warmers, the pink wrist warmers with buttons and a pair of shorter green wrist warmers right now. Feel free to check them out.

Thank you so much everyone for commenting on my rug and the book I made! Your comments makes me smile, and feel like I have friends all over the world.

Bonkers stamps

I’m getting back into journaling in my art journal I hope. I’ve missed it while sewing, computing and knitting, and I have so much I want to try. For example these fun stamps that I got from Bonkers. They came unmounted and even uncut, and since I’ve never bought stamps that looks like this I didn’t know what to do with them. I thought of taking them to the scrapbook store and ask, but kept forgetting. And then I decided to try on my own, and mounted them on thick framing card-stock. It works great, so far. I’ve only mounted a couple of them, but I want to use them more.

I want to be more visual, if possible. Traci Bunker’s journaling style is a great inspiration to me. I’ve since long fallen in love with her bold writing and big headlines, how she uses her stamps, her blurry self portraits and diverse colours. And I like how she always incorporates her “arty” side with her writing, something I’ve jet to manage.