Studio Friday: I Spy with my Little eye…

My desk today
I got a desk pad with this years months on from my father-in-law this week. Yesterday, while crafting, I messed the first page up really bad. It was so fun!

I love to discover the “background” of my art when I’m finished with the real piece. When I lift it I see something else there. Often it’s a newspaper that got glue, paint, crayons and a pile of tiny magazine and paper clippings scattered around everything. Can you see something in their before I throw it away and find a new blank page to mess up?

Click me button!What I was making? Totally awesome postcards for the Chinese new year coming up soon (Jan 29th), when the Year of the Dog starts. I finished the 10 cards for Myra’s Post card swap and of course I can’t reveal how they came out until they’ve been sent out… But I can tell that they include newspaper, gesso, gift paper, watercolours and acrylic paint + altered photos that I’ve been wanting to try since I got the last issue of Cloth paper scissors where there was a great article by Karen Michel called Photo refinish – The art of altering photographs! The article was filled with beautiful colours, as is Karen’s art, and boy, was it fun to alter photos!