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Studio Friday: I Spy with my Little eye…

My desk today
I got a desk pad with this years months on from my father-in-law this week. Yesterday, while crafting, I messed the first page up really bad. It was so fun!

I love to discover the “background” of my art when I’m finished with the real piece. When I lift it I see something else there. Often it’s a newspaper that got glue, paint, crayons and a pile of tiny magazine and paper clippings scattered around everything. Can you see something in their before I throw it away and find a new blank page to mess up?

Click me button!What I was making? Totally awesome postcards for the Chinese new year coming up soon (Jan 29th), when the Year of the Dog starts. I finished the 10 cards for Myra’s Post card swap and of course I can’t reveal how they came out until they’ve been sent out… But I can tell that they include newspaper, gesso, gift paper, watercolours and acrylic paint + altered photos that I’ve been wanting to try since I got the last issue of Cloth paper scissors where there was a great article by Karen Michel called Photo refinish – The art of altering photographs! The article was filled with beautiful colours, as is Karen’s art, and boy, was it fun to alter photos!

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  1. Hey, Hanna! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I haven’t visited yours before either(I don’t think) but it looks really interesting. I will definitely be checking it out often. Your dad’s train is awesome! What an incredible assemblage artist he is! Love that winter picture of you in your spiffy swirly scarf. You’re no slouch in the talent department either — but no wonder — as your mom and dad are artists, too. Loved Mom’s whale. Speaking of love — Queen Elisabeth is outrageous – I adore her! Ohyes, this comment is *supposed to be about “I spy with my little eye — I love your entry. I ALWAYS check out the stuff left over on my table after a project and usually find some really great stuff. Take a look at my mail art in my picturetrail and you’ll see how I’ve used some of it. (There is a link on my blog.)
    You go girl —
    Until next time,

  2. Ok, here’s what I see…
    A cartoon like creature – square body, two eyes at the top and they have slanted lines going thru them (one eye is in green section). Then the nose looks like a very small backwards L. The mouth is at the very bottom -dark orange line.
    That’s the best I can do!:)

  3. the graphics on the paint tubes definitely look like eyes to me…the paint squares on the bottom remind me of a robot body…so it’s a chinese new year robot!


  4. Hanna, you are so onbeam, making Chinese New Year cards.
    Thank you for that reminder!
    I love your light imaginative touch and your sweet inspired-ness.
    Always a treat to visit. I enjoy ClothPaperScissors too. : ) xxx

  5. Hi Hanna,
    Thank you for the posting help on my site! Your blog is inspiring me, I wonder if I should learn to crochet so I can have a swirly scarf?
    I sent my husband the link to your Dad’s train world, we keep saying we want to do this. Keep up the fun mess! KAthy

  6. Hej o tack f?r titten!
    Kul att du gillade min fot :o)
    Jag ?r f?dd i hundens ?r, s? d? kanske jag ska fira hela detta ?r?!

  7. ojoj… du ?r klar med dina ochjag har inte ens b?rjat. Nu blir jag lite stressad. Jag m?ste nog se till att b?rja snart.

  8. Looks a LOT like my newsprint pad after a few hours of the idea of Chinese New Year Postcards..please post when you can..really want to see them!

  9. Awesome photo! Love it! I see a face with the two postage stamped images being the eyes and the actual stamp being the nose – maybe that smudge of orange paint is the tongue sticking out sideways!

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