If I had lots of time, I’d wanna make a lot of things right now.

Tulips for Jenny (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

Here is a list of stuff I’d like to do if I had no time limits at all…

…but of course, I have to, as do you, realise that time is limited.

Plus, I have another list of my own projects to complete first, or at least try to complete… I hope I’ve inspired you though, to make something today!

All these ideas… and you know what happens:

It can block one because it is so so so intimidating to have all these ideas for projects that your head is spinning because you want to realize them all. You get frustrated about it, blocked, feeling guilty for not being able to do a single thing and you give up.
[read more at Tina, who tries to figure it all out]

There is so little time, so enjoy it while you can.

A list of my own