I love art

I wanted to create heart shaped art, so I did. I cut out hearts from vintage photo album pages that I found at a thrift shop, and then added lots of papers that I like. And glitter! I love these collages and the yummy warmth they radiate.

Making Love
Art can be anything we like. I like the heart shape. I like warm tones; pink, red, orange. I like when it shimmers and shines.

JANUARY heARTs (all four) Art can be about glitter and hearts, because I say so. And Suzi Blu says so. And she knows. Art is not all landscape and portrait paintings in oil, right? I can be an artist because I want to be an artist… Yes I can.

But it can be hard. So hard.This was the first start of this post then I changed it: I wanted to add these hearts to my Etsy shop last week, but I didn’t. I lost my nerve. I thought nobody would be interested in buying them. They look like messy postcards. Ugly messy postcards. I put them away in a pile of papers. Today I looked at them again. I really like them. I have added one of these hearts and I will list the others when you let me know which one you like to own. Thanks.

This is what I wrote in the description;

This piece of art is Heart Shaped and made in honor of the beauty of Love. The beauty of messy difficult love that can sparkle and make your own heart sing if you dear to let it…

I hope my art will make you feel something when you look at it on your wall!

I love art
Just because it’s not square, it might not be art. But who cares.

The hearty collage is made out of all kinds of fun papers, yummy acyclic colors and glitter!

I suggest that you frame it in a square or A4-sized frame in black, and hang it on your wall. I can see two of them in frames side by side. Shimmering in the light from the window. They will remind you that love is important and always present. All year around. All the time. For ever.

The heart collage is about 19 centimeter tall and comes with a white 21 x 21 cm big watercolor paper. You can use the white paper as background if you frame this art or you can use another (bigger) white paper if your frame is bigger or you want to give the heart more space. Your choice. Your wall.


Did I say I made four hearts?

January Love Heart #2

January Love Heart #3

January Love Heart #4

Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own. If not, please check out the Original heArt Collage at etsy shop? I will list the three above hearts too, so let me know which one you like to own!

Thanks, you rock too!