A little mermaid doll sewn by iHanna for the Mermaid Swap by Michelle Geller

The little mermaid As soon as I got an invitation to Michelle Geller’s Mermaid Swap I had the vision that I wanted to create a little mermaid doll. I kind of saw her in my head, and I think she turned out very well. Her painted face is difficult to photograph because it looks streaked, but in reality she is very cute. In my head I call her Andrea, because she is now sailing with a lot of fishes, a dolphin pen and a pack of ocean images to a woman called Andrea, who will have the ultimate say about The Little Mermaids name of course.

What I love about her is her hair and its wet look. Isn’t it cool? Want to know what it is made of? A trashed curtain tuft! Or a twined tuft string I think. I just cut of a piece and there she was, with curly wet looking locks and cute fringe!

Isn’t she a sweetheart? My very first mermaid doll, sailing away to new territory.

She was packed up together with her toys and favorite shell in a mother of pearl-shimmery plastic before shipping;

Mermaid package

I also sent a blue ink pen adorned with a metallic dolphin;
with the Little Mermaid Doll I sent this Dolphin pen for the Mermaid swap
Yummy pen for journaling, I like it a lot, so hope its new owner does too. That’s the scary part of swapping, you don’t really know how the things you make or pick will be received…

The Little Mermaids is bringing her own toys.
Mermaids toys
Mostly her collecting cards, some Disney stickers, a few beads from the bottom of the ocean – and some idol images like La Sirena (get yours here)!

Magazine clippings featuring fish, ocean, dolphins for collage also included;
Ocean images for swap

Swapping is fun, but difficult if you ask me.

Oh, almost forgot, here she is again, sailing on a ship that my dad build a few years ago:

So, the Mermaid is sailing away

– Bye, bye little dolly friend, be safe!

What I got
I got the best package ever from Andrea, see her photos here. Couldn’t have been better, it was like a treasure trove for a crafter with beads, ribbons, shells, buttons, art tag with diamonds – and a little bit of this and that – everything very cute and special. And so was the box all things came in and the simple but stylish wrapping. Love it!
Thank you so much girl, you made my daY!

If you’ve never participated in a swap, I can recommend swap-bot as a first try. You can swap just about anything there or set up your own fun swap for things you’d like to receive. Have fun!