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We have within us the capacity to manufacture the very quality we are constantly chasing.
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Even though pinterest is great for collecting inspiration and links I still read blogs, bookmark interesting stuff – and leave comments when I want to give praise and thanks. I also like to share my finds with you guys, and I hope you’d do the same thing for me. Because link love is one of the blood veins of blogging. If you are in need of craft inspiration, I suggest you visit these awesome blog tutorials/posts! Enjoy!

Pots and pans

A few Craft Ideas to try

  1. Contact print pillow tutorial
    Inspiration with link love from iHanna (link list at I love the look of modern quilts, and this pillow with squares and lots of white borders is just my style. So adorable!
  2. Journal Cover with Darling Adventures
    I love altering notebooks, and this is so cute! You buy one of those cheap composition books and make them pretty with removable covers in fabric – with stitches!
  3. Hand Drawn Kitty Mug
    Christine Lane can draw and did it on useful, thoughtful gifts to give to everyone this Christmas. This mug made me go out and by a porcelain pen, finally.
  4. Tutorial armbandje
    It’s a tutorial for a crocheted bracelet, and the colorful yarn used drew me in. I think I saw it on pinterest, pinned it and then actually used it even though the tutorial is in dutch. The images are easy to follow if you want to give it a try. And there are more tutorials I adore here, like the one on how to cover a kledinghanger!
  5. Be creative in your planner
    A post illustrating more ways to be creative – in your planner using stickers, writing, tape while still keeping track of the important stuff. If you feel your planner is boring, check this out! And for even more calendar inspiration, I’ve got my DIY Calendar Pages available.

Well, I like it all. Quilting, embroidery, drawing and doodling, crocheting, writing, and decorating planners and notebooks. I like it all.

Wishing you a beautiful and inspired day!

5 Responses

  1. I like blogs too, because I want to connect with the creative people behind the art. That’s what I find inspiring.

    • Well, boo hoo right back at ya and thanks for your sweet comment about my link love post! It’s working from here, maybe the site was down when you checked or something? :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing these fun links, Hanna! I love finding good tutorials online that encourage me to learn new skills or look at projects in a different way!

    • Thanks Arielle, me too! I get lots of inspiration from these tutorials and ideas, and I love to share them and pass them on. Take care!

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