Art Journaling with Grids & Lines

Time to dive into art journaling…. shall we?

Art Journal: Lines in a grid
Art Journal spread from this summer: Lines in a grid.

While I was pondering my sketchbook theme (grids and lines) I created a bold colourful grid in my Art Journal, just to see what came out. You can spot a few circles and organic shapes, but most of it is fenced in a straight grid. The lines are straight but indeed, the grid is wild and uncontrolled. It is my kind of grid with no order or rules applied…

Art Journal detail: pink grids

I freakin’ love this spread! It took me a while to fill the spread so I decided to think differently and simplify a lot for my sketchbook. :-) Though grid spreads are something I will do more of in my art journal.

Art Journal detail: it is dated like this

I used a ruler to make the lines with a blue ballpoint pen, then I filled them with colours or more pencil lines, postal stamps and a few of the washi tapes (I have quite a few that are lined in different ways).

Art Journal Detail: cactus flower
Yellow Cactus, almost the same one that I photographed in the garden this summer.

You can be wild in your journal too
, making a crazy grid with no rules. Do you like order or chaos in your art journal? Or maybe you are like me, embracing it all at once and creating a chaotic order! Try it out and have some fun!

Further Inspiration

* Painted and stamped papers – a very fun and inspiring tutorial by Debra
* A is for Artist – article by artist Seth Apter
* Podcast with Quinn McDonald – listen to Rďce’s interview with a creativity coach… Loved this episode!

13 Responses

  1. I love these pages, Hanna! They are deliciously colorful. I’m also a freak for incorporating found dated items into my journal pages. (Big fan of parking meter receipts and library stamps.) Thanks for sharing your creations!

  2. Thanks Kristin! I glue in all kinds of stuff, but the date is a stamp. I found the date stamp a few years ago I fell in love and I use it all the time now, it’s a favorite tool! If you don’t own one yet you must get one!

  3. I love your grid! I like how it manages to look both ordered and disordered at the same time. I’ve been rather obsessed with grids in my own art journal and sketchbook journal lately, and I think your page has given me some new ideas that I can’t wait to try out.

  4. wow! this looks so cool, never thought of making grids in my art journal page, what a great idea, I only have one question though, in the second picture I see a pink flower near the # 3 is that a stamp? I like how it looks kind of faded how did you do that? thanks so much for sharing with us

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments!
    Clemencia, to answer your question, the flower is a small stamp for children that I own, and it looks faded because I used a pink inked stamp pad on a acrylic background painted pink. Kind of neat effect (that I didn’t plan), huh?

  6. My theme is lines and grids, too. I am just now getting started on the drawing after preparing all the pages. Yours looks so cool, and i’m naturally drawn to grids and geometrics. But of course, your colors are what get me. yum!

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