I am a part of The Sketchbook Project but haven’t posted anything from my book until now. I have thought a lot about my theme though (girds and lines) and what I wanted to use my sketchbook for. I feel that a sketchbook of any kind should house sketches and ideas that can be worked on further, rather than fine art.

Keeping it simple

A sketchbook is notthe place for finished ideas or your best efforts even if it will be a part of a touring exhibition. My sketchbook will be on exhibit in the US during 2011 (together with thousands of other sketchbooks) and I think that is awesome, but I still feel it must be allowed to be what it is: a simple sketchbook with quite thin pages.

I am a fan of seemingly quick collages with very few elements. I am drawn to it and I can appreciate a minimalistic collage very much. Oftentimes they feel calming and interesting. It might look “simple and quick” (similar to abstract art) but you do need to practice to get a good eye for colour, composition and material. Learning when to “stop adding” stuff is the most difficult part to me. I don’t know if I will ever do it well and feel content about my minimalistic collage efforts, but I am trying…

Strips of paper

Considering all this I have decided to “keep it simple” with my Sketchbook Project pages. I will explore what I usually don’t do to see what happens. I have already noticed that for me simple is hard! I just keep adding details and colours until it is nothing close to minimalistic. I usually do bold, colourful and detailed. I guess my style is more Exploding Rainbow than it is Minimalistic clean, and that is totally okay. I love colours. I just am not used to this style at all, so I notice how difficult it is to “keep it simple”. It sounds contradictory but to me this is a fact. I guess it comes naturally for some artists, and that if they were asked to add a lot more colour that would feel strange to them! Still, I have decided that my mission for this sketchbook is to simplify.

Sketchbook Project
This is the first time I use a sketchbook in this way; to stretch beyond my comfort zone as an artist and expand my knowledge in my mission for life-long-learning. Well, if you don’t count all my beloved Art Journal who exist for that exact reason. With the thin papers of this sketchbook I am hoping I will learn to use a sketchbook (sketchbooking) as a new form of exploration that I will continue to use in my life. I am not sure my sketchbook will be “beautiful” in my own eyes, but it will be a real workbook that records my continues road as an artist.

If you like the concept of “keeping it simple” maybe you want to tweet this post, write a comment or just think about keeping it simple for yourself and what that means to you.

Have a great weekend!