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5 Awesome Podcasts about Creativity

Sometimes when I hear a great episode of a favorite podcasts about creativity that I want to remember to listen to more than once. My favorite topic is creativity, as you might have guessed… Here are a few episodes I consider must-listen-to-good. I think you should check them out when you have the time. Related […]

DIY Fashion Inspiration

I have a growing pinterest board called DIY Fashion. I love do it yourself clothes ideas! There is something for everyone, and so many ideas to try out. You can try anything, from embroidering your jeans to crocheting your own cardigan. For example you can try a handmade style or a painted, thrifted, mended, dyed, […]

Sustainability vs Free

Can you support yourself as a blogger by giving everything away for free? The short answer is: NO, nobody can live on nothing! I’ve listened to the latest CraftyPod podcast episode, this time all about The Art of Letter writing, something that I am a big fan of. Letter writing is closely related to what […]

Art Journaling with Grids & Lines

Time to dive into art journaling…. shall we? Art Journal spread from this summer: Lines in a grid. While I was pondering my sketchbook theme (grids and lines) I created a bold colourful grid in my Art Journal, just to see what came out. You can spot a few circles and organic shapes, but most […]

The power of the mind

While traveling by train this week (3 times!) I’ve listened to podcasts and knitted on a striped cap (thanks for sending me the pattern Elena!), thinking about the power of the mind… Listening to inspiring podcasts really is something I love to do, and when I find a new one I get all exited and […]

Every day matters

I’ve been listening to Danny Gregory’s podcast Every day matters that I recently found when visiting his website. I loooove the episode where Dr Hazel Kahan is talking about creativity (click that link to listen to her right now!). It’s both interesting and beautiful, like smart poetry! And while listening I’m working on windows and […]

A long and crafty life

What is the ingredients in a long and crafty life do you think? Same as in any long and good life, plus the creativity perhaps? :-) Healthy food, exercise, friends, inspiration, love? I dunno. I have to think about this one some more. But it is a good title for a post, right? Related PostsTiny, […]

On the armrest of the sofa

I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life. /Miles Davis I’m painting, gluing, sewing, cutting, knitting, crocheting, thinking, writing, taking photos, cleaning, organizing, reading, drawing, collecting, sorting – and messing the whole house up. And sometimes I just […]