To some of you I know that the thought of making 10 postcards can be overwhelming, but if you give it time its very doable. You start with a background, painting it or finding it (cutting out a pretty paper or magazine images) and then you go from there and let the process “just happen”. And for me, after a few years of finding new ways to make postcards each time, I love this process!

I always make a few Extra postcards when I sit down to create the 10 postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap that I host. At first it just happened, but now I think of it as my own, fun tradition. Making 10 postcards always puts me in a creative mindset anyway, you know the way you get into things and almost can’t stop? You just want to keep going and skip lunch… It’s my favorite feeling, so I don’t mind staying with it if I can.

DIY Postcard: never seen except in dreams

I create “extras” for two, maybe three reasons. Or wait, I can come up with several great reasons to create a few extras when I think about it!

I make extras because

  1. I already mentioned the most obvious one: I can’t stop at “just 10”!
  2. I want to save one of each postcard series (I create all my postcards in a series of similar but not alike cards), to keep in my postcard binder. I like keeping it together with the postcards I receive. It’s a good, tangible way to remember what I did, more fun than just saving digital copies of the scanned postcards on the computer, right?
  3. It makes it easier to part with the others that I have to send away
  4. If I mess one up I can always toss it and still not have to start all over again (this almost happened to me this year because some of my postcards got glued together when I flattened them under a book!)
  5. If I make more than one extra I can send those postcards to my friends and/or family! Because it’s fun to send surprise mail sometimes, isn’t it?

DIY Postcard: There it is, the next moment coming now

Here are the rest of my extras this year:

DIY Postcard: She tried to cheer

DIY Postcard: She had the eyes..

Which one is your favorite – and why? Let me know in the comments if you have the time. :-)

DIY Postcard: She flew away to play

You can see how these postcards and my 10 other Word Poetry Postcards were made in my postcard video – and also check out what others in the swap made in the link-up post – lots of new links all the time!