I love to hand paint repeating patterns in my art journal, especially polka dots. I love the simplicity of dots, and how expressive and fun they can really be if you give them the space to exist on their own – not just as decoration. Polka dots is such a happy pattern, and they make me happy.

Around my studio you’ll find plenty of polka patterned things including my desk. Quite a few of the pages in my art journal have had their fair share of dots this year.

Polka dots makes me happy says @iHanna

Today I wanted to invite you to paint some polka dots in your Art Journal along with me, because it’s so quick and simple (though it can also be something you do for a couple of hours, and then it’s called painting therapy – perfect to calm your mind if you too are stressing about setting the ultimate goals for 2016).

But if you want to make it simple, just pick one color and get started making marks…

Polka Dot Prompt: Start with one color - art journal prompt by @iHanna
Polka Dot Prompt: Let's paint together - art journal prompt by @iHanna

I used the acrylic set I got for Christmas, and added white to most of the colors to create more variation. Turned up some music on Spotify and made these two pages today. Yay painting time!

Art Journal Polka Dot Peek

I had a vision of the whole page filling up with different colors, but then I like the movement of the dots, so I left white space around the edge. This is rather unusual for a maximalist like me, but I like how the dots flow from one end of the page to the next.

Art Journal Polka Dot Peek - an art journal prompt by @iHanna

Blog Hop and Art Journal Prompt

This post is part of Kiala Givehands blog hop for the Art Journal Class I already talked about, called A Journey Within A Year of Handmade Art Journals. Kiala has asked all the teachers to give her one prompt for her Art Journal this December, and I’m the last gal out. My prompt is:

If you have the time before the year ends, please join Kiala and me and make a page (or several) with polka dots. Big, small, one color or all the colors on your palette just dive into it. Make it simple and fun, maybe it will be the last page of the year

Have fun with all the dots you can dream up and paint!

Art Journal Polka Dot Peek

Feel free to share a link to any polka dot pages you create in the comments below, or tag me on instagram and I’ll come check it out!

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Art Journal Polka Dot Peek

Wishing you all a happy new year, and see you in class!