I regularly post peeks into my Art Journal pages, showing spreads, pages or details of the whole – so it’s not a secret how much I have come to use (and like) Neon Pink. In fact, I think I Love Neon Pink! It’s been a while since I last did a peek in post so here is one with loads of detail photos. Enjoy!

Art Journal detail: neon circles on green - by @iHanna // Copyright Hanna Andersson

Neon Pink is simply a fab color, and it comes in tubes, spray cans and pens these days. It’s a beautiful world we live in, don’t you agree? There are no excuses not to try it yourself. Everyone can find themselves a tube of paint in pink, or their own favorite color, and start filling pages with it! Make doodles, dots, patterns, paintings or write out big words in your favorite color…

Just use it up, then get another tube of paint!

Art Journal Spread: I Love Neon Pink - by @iHanna // Copyright Hanna Andersson

My own Neon Pink Art Journaling makes me happy, though it is not so easily photographed as other colors (and my scanner can’t translate it at all unfortunately). But live it is fab.

Art Journal Spread: I Love Neon Pink - by @iHanna // Copyright Hanna Andersson

If you can’t get enough either, here are some details of these two art journal pages:

Details from @iHanna's Art Journal Pages - more on www.ihanna.nu #neon

Happy Friday!

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