Workshops with iHanna

Wanna take a workshop with Hanna Andersson, a.k.a. iHanna? Then this is your chance to join in a big new class that is going to be awesome. I am one of the guest teachers in the upcoming class Hacking the Color Wheel! It’s about book binding, art journaling, color play and experimentation. Yum!

It’s on pre-sale right now, so join now!

Hacking the Color Wheel

There will be two sessions of this big workshop in 2017.
Session 2: Starts in November 2017 – Facilitated sessions November 5 to 19. Sold separately or as a bundle (get both!). Please note that the Early Bird for Session 1 is $80 ($100 regular registration) and $140 Early Bird for the bundle of both sessions! I’m going to teach as a guest teacher in session one, but will participate in both sessions.

The prices for Session 1 and the bundle increase after May 15th, so register today!

You can still buy this class in 2017:
iHanna is teaching in The 2016 Journey Within - bookbinding and art journaling all year long! Join us now!