Not only do I believe that we are all creative and artistic, I think it is imperative that we each practice our creativity and art with a certain amount of discipline and regularity.

I think it’s important to form a creative practice, and experiment with as many different forms of creativity as we dare, because, and this is important: Practicing our own ways of self-expression and creativity is how we become confident and secure in our Different. It is one path to owning our beauty.
Karen Wallrond

Acrylics and doodles

Acrylics and doodles. Ink smear and crayon marks. Some pages are like paintings, that could be framed and hung on a wall in my living room. Other pages are simply experiments, that grow from a couple of circles…

Doodle: Bird of a feather

…to extend onto the next page and become wings to try out. Just experiments and ideas, but not really ideas thought through or experiments intended to go anywhere. Rather it’s the unconscious, that comes to life when we create in a flow, that is showing up. A lot of things might come about when you relax. They don’t need to go anywhere if it’s fine with you that they stay where they are now.

Blue bird again

Images and patterns pop up and comes out when you, for a few minutes, realize that your method is as good as any, yes really. Your method of filling a page will work just fine. Maybe it will even bring you into a creative flow? Render a feeling of happiness.

Art Journal spread: Bird and Feather Hat

And just like Birds of a feather flock together, many ideas will flock together on just one single page and it’s only together that they will look like anything or find meaning.

That’s what I believe. What do you say about that?