A cupboard of joy

Photos from above:

Sunshine art
I took this photo when my friend Ellinor and I was creating on the balcony today. I’m really pleased with the photo, because it’s fun. It’s taken from above, which mean I was standing on a chair when I took it. It’s an awesome photo trick. Try it sometime, you will discover your world from a different angle and get a great view.

Plate with roses

I went to the library today to return the second Shabby chic book that I’ve been reading in bed these days. It was Rachell Ashwells book The Shabby Chic Home which is about how she buys a ugly brown cabin and paints everything white. It becomes oh so beautiful. I love everything in it and about it!

Talk about seeing the potential of things and having a great imagination. Even her loaded dishwasher is lovely, because it is filled with beautiful but missmatched porslain. So when my friend Ellinor (who I’ve been talking about this book with) came over today she brought me four old plates with roses from her granmother. She said she liked them, but that they are “more me”, wich is true. I love them. Ashwell says in her book something like this (I forgot to write down the exact qoute before returning the book):

All my cupboards and drawers has to give me plesure when I open them. Not everything needs to be neet and tidy, but everything needs to be beautiful and make me happy. I allow for one “trash drawer” in my house, the rest has to give me joy when I open it!

It is such a great philosophy. I’m adapting it for sure. Gonna clean up in my cupboards before summer. And I don’t mean that I want less stuff (or almost nothing); I just don’t understand why we keep so much stuff!? We keep so many things that we don’t really like any more.

Read more about getting rid of old stuff at Keri’s blog wish jar journal!

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  1. Kul med uppdateringarna p? din boksida! Jag gillar verkligen “En ? i havet”-serien ocks?, men du verkar ha missat en bok? Det finns en som heter “Havets djup” ocks?. Vidare vill jag tipsa om att det finns en bok som bygger p? “Den allvarsamma leken” fast med omv?nt perspektiv, “F?r Lydia” av Gun-Britt Sundstr?m. Jag har inte l?st n?gon av dem sj?lv, men jag ?r nyfiken p? dem, s?rskilt nu n?r det talas s? mycket om Doktor Glas/Gregorius.

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