Inspired by browsing through Jojo Falk’s photos of her cat Ripley I hung my camera on my shoulder as I went out with Smilla. I was thinking I have a lot of photos of my cat, but they are of her sleeping indoors, almost all of them. Some are blurry, most of them are kind of boring.

This week I’ve tried to find new ways to take her picture, and these are the ones I like:

It windy today...

With wind in her hair…


In a cats point of view
In a cats point of view.

Tired after that walk
After our cat walk she was tired, and fell asleep again.

If you want more cat photos visit pro photographer annelito (she has two cats that are featured a lot on her photo diary), or come back here another day. I took more photos today but those are still in the camera. I’ll post them another time. One can never have to many cat photos huh? ;-)