Spray paint + iHanna's piedestal
Before and after time again!

About three moves ago I had a white pedestal that I really liked a lot. In that place I only had one window and the pedestal gave me the additional flower space that I wanted. Now I don’t have that pedestal anymore, because I couldn’t take it with me at the time.

I’ve been looking for a another one since I last moved. I found a good sized one at a local flea market. You can see that it has potential at once.

Thrifted pedestal in wood
The flower pedestal was unpainted wood when I bought it. So I sanded the varnish down a bit, and then took it out on the lawn to spray paint it.

I had bought both white and pink spray paint, and hesitated between the two… pink furniture really belongs in a nursery you might think. But think again! I sprayed the whole thing pink, very pink!

Look, isn’t it pretty:

Pink flower pedestal

With all those bars and edges I did not want to paint it with a regular paint brush. With the spray paint it was super easy to cover the whole thing quickly (even though my fingers became numb for a few days afterwards). The spray can ran out of paint way too quick. I could’ve given it the second coat of paint that it needed… I might if I ever get the same colour of paint. But for now, I’m happy with it and it makes me smile, just like my pink twinkling lights in the window.

Pink, white, green

The other day it hit me that I’m actually recreating my girlhood dream room. I had that pink room as a teen, and I totally loved it. Maybe that is what my apartment will look like when I’m finished? Hopefully with a more mature touch but right now… I’m not sure it will. And who cares, as long as everything in here makes me happy?

I hope your surroundings makes you as happy as mine does. And if not, maybe it’s time to bring out the spray paint!?

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