Before and after needle holder
This is my needle holder, part of the makeover series before and after.

I found a vintage needle holder with slots for spools around it, at a flea market one summer. When in painting and recycling mood I took the time to spray paint it white. Again, instant gratification craft, oh how I love thee!

iHanna's Needle & spool holder

I also love how white paint can transform old wood object and give them a new pristine look. I bought the needle holder because I thought it was vintage and cute, but now that I own one I really enjoy it and I find it useful for storing needles there for my ongoing embroidery projects.

Vintage spools

All around the base I’m storing these ber cute vintage thread spools, also found at various flea markets during past years.

Some more photos:

Needle & spool holder from above

I took the photos with the needle holder on my sewing stool, and I still love that fabric.

iHanna's Needle & spool holder

Maybe they have a specific name in English and/or Swedish but I don’t know it. I just think of it as a “needle and thread spool holder”… Where do you store your needles? Does your needle holder have a story to go with it?