Greenery in an Altered Book

Altered book scissors and magazine images to turn this into a themed glue book of Greenery and Plants

Greenery in an altered book or “How to start a themed glue book”, where my theme just happens to be “greenery”, i.e. indoor plants in flower pots.

I picked my theme because I am very inspired by looking at potted plants and the idea of “urban jungles” created indoors. One of my longest lasting Pinterest board ideas is about greenery, and last year I shared a blog post all about how I became a Plant Lady as well as one about my YouTube Obsession of Greenery and House Plant Jungle Videos, so if you’re like me check those out as well.

Wanna make a themed glue book?

Ideas on how to pick a Theme for your Glue Book

There are a gazillion ways to fill a glue book, but one of the more fun ideas is to choose a theme for your glue book, as I’ve written about before. Try your hands at an en masse glue book first, because it offers you the joy of having a new theme for every spread in an entire glue book! It’s super fun to come up with your own themes and to collect images around each of those themes.

Maybe after doing that you will discover you have a lot of extra images on one theme, and that might be your hint that it could fill a whole glue book. But it could also be that you want a themed glue book because you really are inspired by this one thing, idea or one specific type of image.

A theme could be very loose, like traveling, food, nature, animals or people

Or it can be very specific, and you could choose a theme like Paris, berries, Scandinavian forest images, cats or women in colorful clothes. All are good themes to collect magazine images around, but you’ll only have fun if you love the subject matter a lot. So pick wisely, and go from there.

I love greenery, so that is why I picked that as a theme for my new Glue Book (made in an altered book I thrifted once). In this video I talk more about that:

How to start a themed glue book“, some ideas in this video shared on the Studio iHanna channel.

I really like the iguana pattern on the altered book, and it’s been in my stash way too long. I have been hesitating to use it since it seemed so nature like and not a great match for my pink and polka dot style art journals. But I like it as a themed glue book for plants and greenery, so maybe it was meant for this all along…

I am going to re-pot my plants this week, it feels like a spring thing to do. What are you up to?

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