iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap spring 2023

Time to sign up for iHannas DIY Postcard swap spring 2023 is NOW -click to join!

Yesterday was my first coffee on the balcony day here in Sweden, and that means it’s almost spring! I know some of you have been having spring weather for a while now, as I have seen all kinds of spring flowers on instagram, but here it’s been snow all through March and Easter. But now, finally! I can feel it in my bones (I’m getting old).

And spring in my world means that I start the twice annual “DIY Postcard Swap” here on the blog. Please consider joining us for some mixed media mail art fun this spring!

If you’re new here or to the swap I host, please read the information page and note down dates, read through the rules for the swap – and maybe even check the Postcard Swap FAQ in case you feel hesitant about anything. Most questions I have gotten through the many years of this swap have been posted and answered there!

If you feel inspired to start creating your postcards right away, make sure you sign up!

Studio iHanna Shop

There’s also some fun stuff in the Studio iHanna Shop from last year – check them out!

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  1. I was so excited to get my Newsletter yesterday announcing this Spring’s swap! I have already signed up and copied one of your iHanna’s Post Card Swap images to share on social media!

  2. Ive just now signed up for the spring postcard swap. Yay!! I forget how many times Ive participated now. Its a lot of fun and I ALWAYS look forward to receiving the email that says its time to join another one of ihannas postcard swaps! ❤️❤️

    • Thank you Mary, I recognize your name from many swaps through the years. So glad to see you back again this spring!

  3. Thank you for this, the invitation came right on time for me, so I immediately signed up!

    • So excited to have you sign up, thank you for joining and also leaving ma comment. That’s very sweet of you.

  4. Hope this new application came though successfully. THANK YOU for your prompt success to me previous email!

    • Thanks for joining Ginny! You should’ve gotten the form confirmation and that’s the proof that your address and email info is in the swap list for spring. Glad you wanted to join again this time.

  5. Got signed up, but had to use my phone this time. Work Internet won’t let me get here anymore :(

    Hopefully it all worked!

    • What, that’s a stupid work internet – but I am glad you got through anyway to sign up and join the swap. You’re in the spring swap list and I am happy to see your name again in there. Yay!

  6. So excited for the Spring Swap!!im constantly saving little bits if collage fodder!I love that Ive been a part if your swap since 2009!!I look forward to all the unique pieces of Art from all over the world 🌎!!Thank You for keeping it up!!

    • Aw Janice, thank you so much! I love that I recognize your name from year to year and that you want to come back so often. I think that is a great testament to the creativity and fun we have in this swap!

    • Yay, I love that.

      The swap is indeed an excellent kick-starter for me too! I feel like it’s a great start of a new season and a way to renew my creativity juices. :-)

  7. Of course I signed up right away! I am busy making a double set (at least) because I have made many friends via this Swap and I don’t always get them on my list!!! Thank you, Hanna, for putting it on once again!!

  8. I’m looking forward to the swap! Thanks for all you do to make it happen.

  9. Looking forward to this Spring swap. I like to do mixed-media collages.
    Karen “MissKitty” Miller

  10. Looking forward to the spring swap. I can’t remember how many I party in now but they always make me smile when I receive my mail.
    Working on some fun watercolour and ink pieces this time.

  11. S r jag med igen! Andra gngen sen frsta gngen d jag var med, vilket var april 2011. S kul att jag hittade tillbaka hit och att du fortfarande gr det hr vykortsbytet.

  12. I`m signed in, for the third time! Looking foreward both to make mine, and recieve the cards from all around the world. Hope to get all ten yhis year! Last year i missed the tenth card..

  13. Just signed up; excited to do this again. It’s been about a decade since I last participated ;).

  14. All signed up, and this makes two spring swaps in a row, yay! Ive been doing lots of online workshops lately, so Im going to have a mix of techniques to send offgetting in some practice AND using what I got!

    (And aiming for the fall swap too, this year, fingers crossed!)

  15. I hope I’m not too late…it’s still 7.5.23 on the other side of the world. I made sure to sign up for your newsletter so I get swap info earlier next time. Yay! I love sharing art ❤️

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