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Flower images in a glue book page by iHanna

I recently started a new glue book with a theme of colorful images, or rather, no theme at all… It’s just going to be filled with colorful images. The kind of images that was making my day a bit brighter during winter and always do.

I crave colors!

Flower images in a glue book by iHanna

We still have snow on the ground this early Easter, and it’s been a really cold March, so spring is holding out on us over here in Sweden. I guess that’s one reason I have been craving colors even more than usual (if possible)!

I’ve been posting a couple of videos of me working through the first couple of pages in that altered book, so today I’m sharing all of them here in case you missed one.

I hope they will cheer your mood and get you creating.

Using an altered book as a Glue Book

In the first video I explain why I like using altered books so very much, and where I found this one. Then I start working on a very colorful spread with a lot of flowers – and laundry! Ha, why not?

Using an altered book as my New Glue Book” video, posted to my YouTube channel Studio iHanna.

In these videos I do talk a lot about how a page might get started and how one magazine image inspires what I choose next.

I work extremely intuitively, which works for me, but watching back I try to backtrack and “see” what I am doing to help you “see” (and learn from me) as well. I am hoping the voice over is helpful for you in your process, in some way.

In the second video of the four in the this series, I am adding in dinosaurs and flowers to a page, just because I found them in my stash. I like serendipity like that.

I am calling this video/spread “Dreaming of spring” and it’s posted on my YouTube channel Studio iHanna.

Here’s a look at the final, surprisingly purple, result:

Flower images in a glue book page by iHanna

Cut and pasting magazine images is my new-ish love, after working in themed glue books like the Rainbow Glue book and the En masse Glue book I have enjoyed filling speads with random images like this. I mean; glass vases & skulls, spring flowers, patterend wall paper, dinousaurs, images of mixed media projects and garden decorations – on one glorious page!

Video 3: Cottage Core Glue Book Page

So here’s the third video which unplanned turned out to have the theme “cottage core”, at least to me. Unplanned themed pages happen all the time, because our mind likes order rather than chaos. Or is it the fact that “we like what we like” – and cut that out en masse?

Cottage core Glue Book page” video on Studio iHanna.

Video 4: A very blue glue book page

Here’s another accidental theme of color, which is one of my favorite ways of creating a collage. Colors is so fun to work with. Here it’s blue!

Shark in a glass” video / glue book page on Studio iHanna’s YT channel.

If you have a favorite of these videos, let me know in the comments. If you have a favorite glue book page of these, let me know that too. The voting on YT, that went on after the first three videos was shared, was clear. Most liked the first flower and laundry page best, and it’s also the most colorful. Personally, I like them all for different reasons.

Now, where can I add in more colors next?

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I got an email with my blog post from yesterday’s post What to focus on this spring – through a plugin called Jetpack! I was just complaining in that post about how that function had stopped working, but I see I have a fix for it! So yes indeed, now you can actually subscribe to blog posts, which makes me happy.

I have not figured out how to make a form for it, but if you leave a comment on this post (or any of my thousands of previous blog posts) and tick “subscribe” you’ll also get an email every time I post a new blog post. Amazing, right? I hope you give it a try and let me know if it works well for you too.

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  1. Right now, I’m really liking your dinosaur page – although I’ve liked dinosaurs since I was a child, so that page may have a slightly unfair advantage. :) Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photography, art, writing, and videography with us, Hanna! Truly appreciate the inspiration!

  2. So many lovely images in magazines. I am needing to significantly downsize my collection, but no longer subscribe to any so am finding it hard to let them go! This is a good use for some of them.

    • Think of it like you are curating your own magazine of images from different magazines, and only saving your favourites! I also cut out words, articles and snippets of articles to save as inspiration!

      It’s all fun!

  3. I love your tutorials, step by step helps me to feel inspired to create!!!!!thank you leslie

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