Begins in darkness
Quote from the cover of one of my Art Journals. It says: “Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness.” Julia Cameron

I have been thinking about writing a blog post for quite a while, but could not find inspiration within me. Then last night, I discovered I have been looking at it all wrong. Just “sitting” with the thought of blogging/writing something new for the blog has left me feeling empty like a leftover shell, like there was no inspiration left at all…

I also feel bummed out about the fact that the RSS is no longer sent out via email to the subscribers of blog posts (not the same as the Newsletter service that’s still working although I haven’t sent one out yet this year).

It was a service called Feedburner, and by using it I could offer a simple form where you could join the subscription of blog posts via email. The entire blog post was sent out each time I posted, to all the over 1000 subscribers, and I did not have to do anything. It stopped working last year, and since then I have been looking at options but there is no free service like it anymore unfortunately. And since I already pay for the domain, the hosting, the newsletter and the connection, and those costs are just increasing year by year, I don’t want to add to my list of bills to blog for fun! In any case, sometimes it feels like the technique and services we get is getting worse, not better… But it’s probably just me feeling old(er).

Focus on the good

But instead of focusing on disappearing services and my empty brain, I should have been filling up with inspiration! For example, I could have been looking at my big and vast archive of blog posts, with all those pretty images, photos, journal spreads, quotes, writings, thoughts! That’s what I did last night, reading a few of my old blog posts, reflecting on how much easier it was “back then”, to come up with “content” probably because it wasn’t content at all. Just thoughts and images from a recent walk, excursion or art experiment. :-) So I want to try to do that a bit this spring. Focus on what ever I have in my head and just share it. Then we’ll see what happens next.

I am trying to find my way back to instagram, slowly but steadily posting at least once a day, a bit of something, and also to my youtube channel, in these past weeks. I love the comments and feedback I get there, so thanks to those of you who subscribe there as well!

Wishing you all that is good and bright,
and some sunshine too with a creative light,
I hope it burns within you and glows with a spark
that makes the burden lighter and the darkness not as dark.


Let’s focus on what is good, in life, in art and in love.

Wishing you a happy Easter weekend!

PS: By the way, talking about social media, I have totally stopped posting to twitter, since the 1st of January 2023, and it feels kind of sad (to give up) but also like a relief. It is my least successful platform ever and the hours put in did not get much attention at all. Read this again Hanna: asses and evaluate your efforts from time to time, and do what feels good. That’s my yoga mantra, should be applied even more in life if you ask me.