Featuring issue 3

I really enjoy this mag! I wrote a review last year about the first issue of Featuring, a new magazine about art journaling and mixed media, my favorite subjects! Now the third issue is already out! It was meant to come out before Christmas, but with a little delay, I got my copy this week. Yay! I’m happy to get my hands on it, because I’ve been waiting for this one a long time: I’m in it!

In a three page interview I’m talking about blogging in this issue:

Featured blogger iHanna
I’m the Featured blogger! Let me know what you think!

I was super honored to be asked and I had fun answering the questions. Because I have been blogging for so many years I have collected a lot of knowledge, and love to share my thoughts on this huge subject. If you want to read what I have to say you can get the magazine online here. There is a lot of great reading in this magazine, and inspirational images too:

Featuring issue 3

More inspiration:

  • Tammy is continuing our joint project in the List Journal we made each other. She wants to finish the last pages in her journal, by using Aimee’s List it Tuesday prompts.
  • Carin is making 365 ATCs in 2013 and many others have joined the 365 something project! Are you in?
  • Robayre joined the Tiny Notebook Club and I adore her pages and the idea of tiny notebooks! Made me think of the Mini Book #1 I made once (2005!) inspired by Keri Smith of course. Maybe it’s time I made a number two this year?
  • Another thing that I will be waiting to reach my mail box is a bunch of postcards that Tammy made for our Millenium Postcard Swap! Will be excited to work on those and blog about them when I finish.

Featuring issue 3

Talk to you soon, now I’m going to do some stitching!