Inspiration Mosaic - May 2013

May is over already, can you believe it? Spring exploded after a very long winter and now everything is lush green. Next up: summer days. How will we spend our summer days? I could revisit last years Summer Manifesto, a lot of my ideas never became excursions. Maybe this summer they will.

At least there will no link lists here, that’s for sure. This is the last one until at least August, perhaps September. I’d love if you come by here and visit, leave comments and such during summer but I understand if you don’t.

Summer is time to explore the outdoors. Go hiking. Swim the ocean. Sit outside at cafs and drink iced coffee drinks or eat ice cream. But if it rains, you know where to find me!

Last week I was kind of mad about the New Flickr, with their confusing (black!) design where I couldn’t find anything. Now I guess I’m trying to get used to it, because I have 21.000 (!) photos there, most of them linked to this blog. And I posted a May Inspiration Mosaic, click the image above to get the individual links, or simpy view the Flickr Mosaic Big.
And now, some link love:


Yes, all good and important links today. Visit every one of them – now. Because sharing, thinking, crafting, doodling and learning is good for you. If you need a creative project for June I recommend ICAD, Creating An Index Card A Day! It’s easy, fun and boosts creativity in a lot of ways.