I know lots of people who function brilliantly within a chaotic studio. I’m just not one of them. I need spareness but… I’m no neatnik (!) so order doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s an ongoing effort. A big effort. But the feeling of spaciousness it opens up inside is narcotic bliss.
Mary Ann Moss

On my desk, no gloss

This is my desk, without gloss added. Just straight up, with cat hairs and sunbeams floating all around. No interior design magazine styling or blog photo prettying up. Nada.

I would love to keep it clean(er), and have a fresh table each morning. But that ain’t happening without me making an effort. Sometimes I try, and it lasts for two days perhaps. I love the the feeling of spaciousness of a clean desk/home, and the narcotic bliss it provides. But like any fix, it doesn’t last long… ;-)

And it looks a lot worse than Kim’s no gloss desk (who inspired this post) or Carina’s rather tidy one… You can actually see their tables! But I guess that just means I win in the who has the messiest desk ever-game?

But I’m good at the disappearing desk trick, as you all might know by now.

By the way. I took these photos when I was cat sitting, so the cat isn’t there right now, and I miss him. But otherwise this messy table is the same. Just new materials floating in and around, always changing but seldom all cleared at the same time…

One thing I do love is having planned guests coming over. Knowing people are coming totally help me and gives me enough energy to look around with fresh eyes. What helps you clean up your act?