iHanna's June Ideas to Explore

I love Elise Blaha’s blog, and I admire the way each month she sets new Bold Intentions for the month. The first time I read about it I thought “That’s something I should do too”. But then I hesitated, not wanting to set goals because I might fail, them and myself. I don’t want to disappoint myself. But still, I love goals when they work well. So today I’m ignoring the fear of failure. Yes I might fail, but at least in June I’m giving it a try with some June Ideas… Just some simple ones for the first lovely summer month.

My June Ideas:

  1. Do yoga at home once a week
  2. Go outside each day
  3. Explore one New Place
  4. Finish a photo book (if it rains)
  5. Draw and paint in my Art Journal
  6. Stop pinning, and not visit pinterest at all during summer
  7. Do something creative every day

Pinterest summer break 2013I find myself wanting to write a huge list of things I want to do, things to finish and shoulds, but let’s not do that Hanna. Maybe you fail your goals because you want too much at the same time? It’s just a five week period and you still have to keep up with the collage creating!

Do you set monthly goals, like Elise does? What are your goals, bold or not, for June?