What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.
Gretchen Rubin

Cupcakes x 1000

When a a Blog turns Nine Years Old that is old. Ooooold I tell ya! Reeeally really old in the blogosphere. Especially since it’s on the same domain (ihanna.nu) being written by the same I, Hanna. There has been a lot of changes since the first years of course, but still. Still blogging and going strong, stilla after all these years – for nine years in a row. So freeking crazy – and crazy awesome – at the same time!

The person who is keeping that blog, who is finding new things to write about every freekin’ week (yes these days almost daily), must consider those years and look back on such a day as today. To ponder the hugeness of it a bit. Remember thinking What is this monster I have created? but also the feeling of immense joy it all has given. All the hard work, all the hours. Oh let’s not count the hours. Anyway. My blogging has giving me so much and still does.

The statistics of this blog could make a grown girl cry. Just consider this one number for now: 17.000 comments, and not a single one of those from a hater. It’s all kindness and love and you guys.

I ♥ you for reading this!

I just keep writing. I don’t consider that a great accomplishment most of the time, but today I realize I should. I should be prouder and feel more confident. I will work on that. That’s what I’m thinking about today. The nine years of blogging that has passed, with me on the same domain writing about my favorite topics, still, most all fitting under the roof of “A Creative Life”. My creative life.

There is SO much to look back on that it is overwhelming. Such a huge task will have to wait for another day, because I have to go back to work, to write something else (it’s an article for work). But if you need a view or an idea of the grandness of it all I suggest checking my archive of posts; iHanna’s Blog Archive 2004-2013. It’s not just awesome, it’s huge.

My archive is a sweet place of the interwebs, don’t you think? Full of collage, sewing, knitting, journaling, photography, mixed media, DIY projects, ideas, links, tutorials, collaborations, thoughts, doodles, filled notebooks, inspiration, softies, writing ideas, repainted furniture, list prompts, link love, drawings, paintings, embroidery, layout, self published books, craft, art – and everyday creativity.

Thanks for the millionth time to all my sweet readers. Without you this wouldn’t be.


Congratulations on your ninth Blogoversary Dear Blog. You rock!

PS: If you want to have something of me in your book shelf, my blog book A Creative Year from 2007 is still available.