Another New Journal

I love a fresh start, don’ you?

A few years ago when I was at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham I got some really lovely art supplies (mostly fabrics), and in that I include a few packages of gift wrap that I bought at a toy shop. I have actually never seen gift wrap sold in folded sheets in Sweden, just in those big rolls that are never-ending, so just that fact got me excited. But then also the brand of those gift wraps, some famous cartoon brands like Tokidoki and Care Bears, so I grabbed them and brought them home. And now I have (finally) opened the packages and started to use the wrapping papers as crafting material in the studio.

First up, a new journal for me!

Funko Pop! Animation: Care Bears 40th Anniversary - Wish Bear with Flocked Chase

Yes I know, I should be wrapping gifts right now, but I don’t know anyone that more than me would love and appreciate this kawaii Tokidoki wrapping paper better than me, so I’m keeping most of it for myself and using it to wrap another journal. I guess it’s my favorite thing, except starting to use a new journal. That might be it.

I’ll see this wrapping paper often as I’m using it to pimp a notebook:

Video: New Kawaii Fauxbonichi

If you can’t see the video watch it on YT here, and leave it a comment if you can.

You might remember a previous video from this year, where I demonstrated and wrote about How to start a Fauxbonichi Journal. Check that video and blog post out if you want to learn more about “fauxbonichi” as idea and what I’m doing in mine – and learn how easy it is to start your own and start documenting your life.

That fist one is filled, so it was time to create a new one and I’m liking it so far.

I have not blogged anything from the first Fauxbonichi journal that I filled but I have shared a few images on instagram, where I’ve been MIA this month. Check this one, this one and a spread with some of what I’ve been reading this year – for some views into that journal.

Even more kawaii

If you’re in the mood for even more cuteness check out the 2023 Tokidoki wall calendar, the notebooks, pen cases or the vinyl figures below (affiliate links). I think they’re all adorable!

Link to tokidoki 2023 Wall Calendar Calendar Tokidoki - Sandy Rainbow Funkon 2021 Summer Convention Exclusive Pop! Vinyl
A very Happy Holiday Sale in Studio iHanna's Shop winter 2022.
Don’t miss out on the Holiday Sale in my shop right now. Journals, labels, cute notebooks are on sale – handmade in Sweden and waiting to be picked up and taken to a new home. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your journal cover and first pages turned out so cute! What a fun find of adorable papers on your trip! And thanks for the gentle reminder/permission to use the cute supplies that we might otherwise just keep in our drawer or closest for the “perfect” timing. Use it so we can actually enjoy it! Hope you’re having a warm and cozy winter!

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