Creating is about transformation. Take one or a few objects and put them together in different ways – and voila! You have created something new!

Fika for one
White decopage tray
Decopage on tray

Take this wood tray for example; yellow with age bought in a second hand shop for almost nothing. I painted it a couple of times with white paint and then I decoupaged it with vintage papers that I punched out circles from. I love it. So simple and yet nobody in the whole wide world will own anything remotely similar.

Thrifted tray

Sometimes it just have to be this easy, so light and so freeing. Writing a book is hard work, but creating doesn’t always have to be work at all. Most of the time it can be play. New things (ideas!) come out of play, when you leave the old way of thinking behind. When you embrace what you don’t know and what you have never seen. when you do the opposite of what your teachers at school have told you, you are free.

Free to fly from one material to the next.
From one medium to another without letting your worries hinder you. I have so many worries in my life, in my non-existent job and living situation – so I’m glad to say that I feel free when I sit down with my materials to play. Not totally free, not at all, I have fears like we all do. But I think I’m playing more than most. I allow my self to embrace the ugly and not fear imperfections. I let the child out. I don’t worry to much what “others” might say and I don’t judge what I have created even when others does. Maybe I have my own kind of aesthetics? Maybe I’m just living in my own world where coffee for breakfast is a necessity that I can sit with for hours and a glue stick can save the day…

by the way, is a wonderful way to express yourself artistically without being artistic or even able to paint!

I will be blogging more about decoupage another time.

Take care!