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Eye Candy | The Red Christmas Chair

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. Jean Cocteau I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, like the one we had in 2012 when these photos were taken… But alas, it’s raining here in Sweden, and it doesn’t feel very Decembery at all yet. So I […]

The Polka Dot Oilcloth Desk

Because I am messy I use a big oilcloth to cover the desk where I make my art. I’ve had this beautiful rose patterned one for several years, but it’s beyond saving at this point, full of acrylic paint splatters. Plus, since I bought a new table last year it is about 10 centimeters to […]

Spray paint a flower pedestal

Before and after time again! About three moves ago I had a white pedestal that I really liked a lot. In that place I only had one window and the pedestal gave me the additional flower space that I wanted. Now I don’t have that pedestal anymore, because I couldn’t take it with me at […]

Mosaic Table in blue for a Cozy Garden Corner

Lately I have read yummy books and taken pictures of the garden (mostly the pink buds and then flowers of the Magnolia Tree). I’ve been lazy in the sun most of the time because it was a great hot weekend with birthday party, wine, BBQ, boat ride, friends, eating candy, a new Moleskine diary and […]

The magic of white paint

Before – and after! I thrifted this herb shelf in a flea market for 5 SEK, then repainted it white. What a difference. The magic of paint continues to amaze me. I wish I could repaint the world! ;-) My little shelf won’t contain any herbs really. I’m planning on hanging it by my art […]

White arm chair

Comfort is the Studio Friday theme today. I’m the kind of girl that loves to stay at home. To have a home, with a bed, a nice sofa, and food in the kitchen, that is comfort to be. I don’t mind traveling, as long as I know I have my home to land in afterwards. […]

The Lost Knob

Wanna view a painting and repair project of mine? Okay, here it is: Bought summer 2004, scraped this autumn and painted last month. The fun part was the scraping, but it was quite dark and we made a mess on this little chest of drawers. Scraped a wee bit more than we should have. And […]