White arm chair

In the big arm chair
Comfort is the Studio Friday theme today. I’m the kind of girl that loves to stay at home. To have a home, with a bed, a nice sofa, and food in the kitchen, that is comfort to be. I don’t mind traveling, as long as I know I have my home to land in afterwards.

I have a comfortable arm chair that we got for free three years ago from P’s boss that was going to throw it away. I like free stuff and I like secondhand, but this chair was really ugly, worn down and threadbare when moving in, but it is still in our living room because it is comfortable. I covered it with a blanket and a worn pink table cloth to make it look a bit better. I guess I thought I’d do something with it sooner… but sometimes that is not the most easy thing to do. You just don’t see it anymore.

That is why I love magazines and TV-shows about interior design. They make you look around, see your environment in a new light and think about change. Maybe they make you think about change to much, but hey, you’ve got to pay the price of that.

Even when you go thrift shopping you need to see the change that you can make, with colours and imagination. For example, look at this magazine spread:

Look at the old boring desk, and see how cool it becomes with some paint? I wish I was better at this when going to second hand store. It is so easy to look for something you like that is finished as is. It is much more difficult to try to find the form or the material you like and see how this can work for you, in your home!

Bla bla bla.

Anyway, if you read the text in this blog, I’m sure you are confused by now? I’ve noticed some just comment after looking at the pictures, and that is okay with me too. My thoughts today are a little scattered, and maybe jumping from this to that. Comfort. Second hand. Magazine desk pic (I took a photo of) to remember. Paint magic. Old arm chair. New arm chair:

White arm chair

New arm chair! No, it is the same ol’ arm chair, dressed in a white fabric. I just did it one day, and I like how it turned out, and now I can do it again I guess. It’s not even new fabric, but a old stained duvet cover! To bad I didn’t know it would look as nice as it did before I started, then I would have bought a better fabric. This is very thin in some places and has already got some cat claw holes from Smilla jumping up just to sit in it.

I hope you will all have a wonderful and very comfortable weekend!

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  1. Wow, that dressed up sofa looks great! I have a similar story – when I moved into my apt. a large sofa was already in it – very old and not pretty, but SO comfortable! So I put cloth over it (I don’t know how to sew, so just used a bed cover), and I won’t throw it away. I love it! I’ll upload it to my blog so you can see :-)

  2. Fantastic job on the arm chair cover!!!!! I need to do that with a couch and an arm chair and have been so nervous. One day huh! I am truly impressed.

  3. so nice site you?ve got. i enjoyed looking at the pictures. hey, i have got exactly the same old boring desk ( i use it for my sewing)and you gave me an idea to make it lively-the problem is when can i do it.

  4. Stolen du trakk om ble veldig fin! Jeg likte fasongen veldig godt ogs? – god gammeldags. :) Sikkert veldig komfertabel ? sitte i.

  5. I am very comfortably inspired after reading your post today Hanna! :-) Awesome job brightening up the old chair!!!

  6. The chair looks comfy for the kitty; they don’t care how something looks anyway! I am the same way about thrift store finds – even if, in my imagination, I can “see” how something would look refinished or redecorated, I’m just too dang LAZY!

  7. This is really amazing! I have exactly that boring desk. Hmmm… Should I go for a project and fresh it up?

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