I have been collecting washi tape for a few years now, but I still remember the first couple of rolls I got and what an amazing invention I thought patterned tape was. It’s like stickers, but on a “never ending” roll. Recently I’ve finished two different rolls of tape, so they’re not infinite – but I think it can feel like that when you have a lot of them…

What to do with all the washi and deco tape you own?

I don’t want a huge collection of tapes, because as you might know – they age and the stickiness can fade, or they get so sticky you can’t unroll the tape! That is one reason I don’t want to buy buy buy tape.

It kind of feels silly to buy more, a little counter-intuitive when the rolls will last so long, right? But there are so many new patterns that are calling to be brought home – so what to do? What can we do about this luxurious dilemma?

I am going to demonstrate a splendid solution for you all today!

How to make a washi tape sampler - a tutorial by iHanna (plus why you should make them and what to do with them) #washitape

Make a washi tape sampler – and share your riches with a friend!

It’s quick, easy and super fun. And you know I love sharing and swapping stuff, right?

I have been making Washi Tape Samplers for years, and I love them. I recently sent one in a Newsletter Giveaway that I hosted, along with a lot of collage papers and stuff, so when I created the sampler I turned the camera on and made a quick tips tutorial video.

Check it out below.

How to make a Washi Tape Sampler

A video tutorial, with some ideas on why you should make a few sampler too, as well as a question about doing a washi tape swap… does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

If you can’t see the video above please click the link Washi Tape Sampler Video and subscribe to Studio iHanna on YouTube when you’re there.

Also let me know in the comments here or on YouTube if you want to be in a swap of washi tape samplers? I’m considering it, but not sure it would be doable yet…

Here are the washi tape sampler I made in the video, and one I did a few months back out of paper and plastic sticky paper:

Washi Tape Sampler tutorial Video + blog post

You can also make a sampler out of a used plastic gift card, or any size you like. Small is good for the pencil case. Bigger works great for storing some different tapes in your hand bag or at the office.

Small Green Washi Tape Sampler

I make washi tape samplers with my favorite tapes, to remember to use it more, or to share with friends. It is perfect to send to pen pals. I think it is lovely to share a bit of all your tape beauty with others!

Favorite Washi tape samplers

My favorite kind of samplers are color coded, like this one in black and white, where the tapes are almost finished:

Washi tape sampler black-and-white

I have a lot of washi tape now. Well, not a lot compared to some of course, but with my modest standard I think it’s quite a lot and I really love all the different patterns I’ve gotten over the years.

Washi Tape storage

I have written how I stored washi tape upright before, but right now, this is my favorite way to keep a few favorite rolls together on the table.

Great way to store your washi tapes

Using a metal ring, that is made for keeping embroidery floss together. It’s easy to open if you want to switch out rolls or move them around and easy to hang on the wall, or keep close on the table when I’m journaling in one of my traveler’s notebooks. Love it.

Embroidery thread hoop for washi tape

What is your favorite way to use washi tape? I’m planning to make another video where I demonstrate my own favorite way to decorate with washi or deco tape, so stay tuned. And please share below if you want to swap washi tape with a few others, or just one (depending on how much postage you wanna spend)? I’d love to know.

Washi Tape storage ideas - and swap?!

Further inspiration

Oh and some bonus video content, in case you missed it:

Index Card Collage with lots of GOLD – day three video, also on YouTube.

Have a great week!